About Us

About Us

Sagdiclar Fisheries, starting from the modest business that five brothers started together in Istanbul Yenikapi Fish Market in the early 1980s; has become one of the leading companies in the seafood industry in Turkey, which exports to many countries of the world today. It continues it’s activities with domestic and international wholesale and retail fresh fish trade, aquaculture, processed seafood production and fish restaurants.

Since it’s establishment, it has been supplying seafood to many private businesses, especially markets, restaurants, catering, touristic and social facilities, in addition to the sales points in Izmir and Istanbul.

As of 2016, upon high demands from hotel, restaurant and market groups, with high-tech seafood processing facilities in Istanbul Cekmekoy and Trabzon Akcaabat; produces fresh fish soup, smoked fish, salt-cooked seafood, sea bass-salmon patties, seafood salads, fish in steams and other frozen seafood with Bando Seafood, and brings them together with consumers.

Sagdiclar Fisheries exports Turkish Salmon to many countries in the world, primarily to the USA, Canada, Europe and Russia, with its aquaculture activities that started in the Black Sea Region in 2018. It continues its investments with the aim of raising thousands of tons of Turkish Salmon every year with juvenile fish farms in Gumushane and Artvin and adult fish farms in Artvin Arhavi.

Providing services to both producers and consumers in many stages of the fishing industry, Sagdiclar Fisheries continues to make investments and grow in line with the needs and demands of its customers with its innovative, sustainable and efficient production vision.